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This page is a translated version of the page Changelogs and the translation is 100% complete.
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General Adjustments or Mechanics

  • The Pow Rates system now doesn't charge you anything for lowering your rates from 5x to 1x, as long as you're level 99 or lower.
  • I significantly reduced the penalties for higher rates in the Pow Rates system. You can find more information here.
  • I reduced the price of lowering your rates by half. The previous formula was (Base Level x 30000 x stage), and the new formula is (Base Level x 10000 x stage).
  • BG ahora cuenta con una Leyla Guerrera.
  • Estefanío now gives you the option to purchase Mystical Card Albums for 100 Card Points, but he only sells 20 MCAs per day!
  • Now we have our own @restock system (restocking system). You can view the manual by using "@restock h". This system is designed to improve your gameplay, and the cost for restocking is very low, only 750 Zeny.
Illusion of Teddy Bear.png Illusion of Labyrinth.png
  • We have customized the Illusion of Teddy Bear and Illusion of Labyrinth dungeons. Today, I will upload the new Illusion Dungeons page, which contains information about the access quest and the daily quests.
  • I modified the access system for Illusion dungeons to make them account-bound.
  • I increased the rewards for completing the daily and weekly missions in Illusion of Labyrinth. Normally, they give 1 and 3, but in Pow, they give 2 and 10.
  • Both Illusion dungeons have been incorporated into the MVP points and Illusion points system, along with their respective shops.
  • The quests for Illusion of Teddy Bear and Illusion of Labyrinth are bilingual.
  • I converted the spell creation system. Now, spells are learned once per account, with the exception of Kuchiyose. The interface is much more user-friendly and intuitive. When summoning the spell, a window like the one in the photo will appear to create the summoned spell.
  • I converted the Bloody Coins store in Horror Toy Factory, and now it's as intuitive as you can see in the photo #2. Previously, there was a lot of unnecessary text. Additionally, I added the ability to obtain Celine's Dress and Brooch in the store.
  • I reduced the price for creating Petroleos from 10,000 Zeny per creation to 5,000 Zeny.
  • I reduced the cost of Wootan Shoulder Pieces and Rock Fragments required in the Illusion Equipment quests from 30 each to 15 each.
  • I implemented the @cd/@cooldown/@instancesetting commands. These commands will show you the instances available and the time you need to wait before re-entering them. They are configurable with @instancesetting. There's also an NPC version of this in the Safe House.
  • I added/modified a few items in the Item Exchange list. Notably, now you can exchange 10 Gold Ore and 25K Zeny for 1 Gold.
  • I decreased the value of the Gold item to prevent Zeny dilution, and with this change, I increased the chance of obtaining Gold from mining by a multiple of 7x! The purpose of this change is to make it easier to meet the requirements for RK.
  • The items obtained as a welcome pack from Kafra can now be sold to NPCs.
  • I adjusted the rewards for Invasions; now you won't earn Empathy Points, and they have been replaced by 1000104.png Magical Soapstones.
  • I sped up the dialogue for several NPCs, including the one for learning training. Now it's much faster and integrated into the custom visual effects system. I also implemented its NPC version in Safe House.
  • I re-organized the Travel Agency. Now the teleports you discover are added to their normal category (City, Dungeon, Instance). Some maps are more dynamic, like Payon Dungeon and Sphinx, which appear like this in the Travel Agency but expand when you choose them, allowing you to select between the first level or the level discovered by teleportation.
  • I implemented the system for earning Zeny when defeating mobs.
  • The Medallón Pagano item now grants 0.5% of HP per base level instead of a fixed 5%.

Leveling Adjustments

  • We improved the Eden Group room. Now it allows saving your position. We added a Kafra, Leyla, and Travel Agency. Changed the portal to the second room to make it more visible.
  • Now, all the Eden Group quests that require access to maps that need entrance quests will send you directly to the hunting map or nearby, only while you are in the process of completing those quests. For example, it will allow you to access the Rachel Sanctuary directly if you are doing the Isilla hunting quests.
  • The job change quests will allow you to skip them if you pay 2,000 Training Points.
  • I improved Katy's welcome package, now it gives 20,000 zeny, 100x  23280.png Novice Fly Wing, 30x  12324.png Novice Butterfly Wing, 3x  12210.png Bubble Gum, & 3x  12312.png Battle Manual, all these items can only be used on your account.
  • We updated the EXP table to the latest renewal version (lighter than before and with a more comfortable curve).

Visual Adjustments

  • I implemented the Safe House, Pow's initial house that can be accessed from Prontera. Here, you can find almost all the convenience NPCs offered on the server, including a tool dealer, rate manager, builds, Leyla, and the travel agency.
  • Many of our custom NPCs now use my visual effects system. You'll notice how they interact with you and others who activate this preference through custom settings (@settings - or through the settings NPC in the Safe House).
  • We have a beautiful new Prontera now <3

Dungeons & Instances

  • I implemented the EDDA:The Fall of GlastHeim, including the mob, items, enchantments, etc.
  • I implemented the creation of Abyss Lakes 4 Items.
  • The warp from Old Pow now activates every minute (1 minute to travel, 1 minute to return).
  • I increased the drop rate of most items from Map Drops by a multiple of 5-50x.
  • Now you can save your starting position with the Kafras in Old Pow.


1st Week

  • I implemented the option to turn off server-wide private messages, including mining item acquisition messages, illusion dungeon messages, and training point acquisition messages. All of these can be controlled simultaneously through your preferences.
She can enchant Illusion Gear
  • I implemented the safe reset of Illusion enchantments through the NPC in Prontera. It charges you 1.5 million Zeny or 7x  25271.png Illusion Stone, whichever you prefer.
  • We customized the rewards for The Fall of Glastheim a bit more. Now, you can obtain 100100.png Temporal Manteau Box, with the probabilities depending on the mode.
  • I increased the chance of obtaining items in the Tamming Mines. Now, the chance of getting items in these mines is doubled or tripled.
  • The equipment dropped by King Schmidt can come with random Pow options.
  • I reduced the cooldown for The Fall of Glastheim to 1 day regardless of the mode or difficulty.
  • I improved the options dropped by mobs. Now you can see the PowRO Random Options Table.

2nd Week

  • I created our custom version of the instance EDDA Biolabs, including all the necessary information for achieving success in these instances, which includes a custom mode called Farming Mode, created specifically due to the high demand for materials required when getting the instance enchantments.
  • I added the safe enchantments for Bio Labs 5.
  • I added the safe enchantment for King Schmidt's Insignias as mentioned in Safe Enchantments for King Schmidt's Insignias.
  • The monster Flame Thorns has a 15% chance to drop 6755.png Contaminated Magic in the Fall of Glastheim instances.
  • I set a minimum 1% drop rate for MVP equipment.
  • I implemented our custom MVP Damage system.
  • I modified the warps of Eden Group quests for levels 131+. They'll send you to the second floor of Scaraba Hole instead of the first.
  • I expanded the Remote Kafra system. Now you have the option to access your VIP Kafras if you purchased any.
  • I expanded the Illusion Weapon Enchantment system. Now, you can choose to maintain the random options it came with when enchanting them in exchange for one additional Illusion Stone for each random option the item has.
  • I expanded the Horror Toy Factory Item Enchantment system. Now it allows you to choose the desired enchantment in exchange for a higher amount of Bloody Coins. The value of the desired enchantment can be the lowest or highest possible (randomly).
  • I improved the EDDA Biolabs Farming mode: Now the instance lasts 2 hours, there are more mobs, and they have a double drop rates.
  • I implemented our new control panel!

End of Month

  • I re-organized the options for warping during Eden quests that require access to quest Dungeons.
  • I created a Plagiarism NPC to assist Rogues in copying skills, located in the Safe House.




  • The good MVP drops from instances will be modified so that each member has a chance to obtain the drop individually. For example, in FoG, they have a chance to obtain the box individually.
  • Holy Wings and Lightning Wings will be implemented.
  • I made some wandering NPCs no longer move.
  • I moved the Teleport for Hidden Dungeon. Previously it was behind the map (1 map below Alde), now it is in front and warps you to the front, convenient for accessing the Illusion Dungeon.
  • Our new Invasion Discord Bot is up and running!


2nd Week

  • Super Novices can now equip all 2-Handed Swords.
  • Super Novices can now equip status Temporal Boots to combo with Temporal Manteaus.
  • Created the Roadmap.
  • Introduced the Auras system.
  • We are planning a custom way to obtain Overseas Care Packages.
  • We are planning the use of Rewards Lv. 4 and 5.
  • Made many adjustments and updated information on Old Pow.
  • Added Bounty Boards in many cities and Illusion Dungeons, more info on the Roadmap.
  • We removed the acquisition of the Sealed Drake Card because the appropriate script does not exist in rAthena, and the current script is incorrect and extremely horrendous.
  • We increased the chance of obtaining Bio Experimental Fragments and Documents by 400% in EDDA: Bio Labs Farming Mode! This increase is separate from the use of Bubble Gums and your personal rates, meaning Bubble Gum still increases your %. 😄


Glast Heim Challenge Mode

  • I will implement this instance starting on April 5th, as coordinated in the Roadmap. This instance is the first of several that are part of the content of more advanced episodes. These instances are special in Pow because they won't have custom modes (Hardcore or Insane) since the mechanics of the instance don't warrant including these modes (they have a natural difficulty scale).

Elite Trainings Introduction Rework

  • The way the Elite Training system is introduced will change slightly so that when you complete your Ranks, you will be granted a few assignable points to familiarize yourself with the system. This system benefits newcomers more as they haven't learned any Training yet. The initial points are obtained as follows:
  • 1 Point for completing Outsider.
  • 2 Points for completing Citizen.
  • 3 Points for completing Warrior.
  • 4 Points for completing Elite.
  • This means completing your hierarchies will grant a total of 10 Elite Training points.
  • What happens if I already have more than 10 Elite Trainings learned?
  • This introductory bonus will not apply to your character if you already have more than 10 Elite Trainings..
  • If I create a new character, would I have the additional 10 points?
  • Yes, the system will automatically apply to each character that has fewer than 10 assignable Training Points Elite.
  • If you already have 10 points learned, it will not give you additional points.
  • No, the system will only raise you to the first 10 assignable points. That means if you have 9 learned, it sets you to 10; if you have 5, it sets you to 10, etc.


Important Changes

  • We have permanently doubled the Experience rates from their initial values.
  • Why?
  • Because I'm preparing the server for future episode expansions. Additionally, we concluded that it's a positive/healthy change after studying the updates from iRO and kRO, where they increased the exp rates when new episodes were introduced and removed 4th jobs. I concluded that lowering the leveling difficulty is a good change and that almost nobody derives satisfaction solely from leveling. The most important thing is to reach stages where you can hunt for good items or reach levels required to equip some renewal items (think 125, 150, 175, etc).
  • I reduced the number of mobs to kill in city/dungeon quest boards from 150 to 50, and significantly increased the experience they give.

EDDA: Old Pow

  • I implemented this new parallel continent of Old Pow. I hope it revives some nostalgia for you. Here's how it works:
  • To gain access to EDDA: Old Pow, you just need access to regular Old Pow; it doesn't require any additional quests. The entrance to EDDA: Old Pow is located at the central fountain in Old Prontera.
  • Entering EDDA: Old Pow will transform your character into its pre-reborn or Expanded 1-1 version if you're Expanded 2. The maximum level is 99. To revert to your normal attributes, simply speak with the fountain located in Old Prontera. Relogging, logging out, re-casting, or any other type of exit from the maps of EDDA: Old Pow will return your character to its normal form.
  • The monsters are the Pre-re versions that many of us know and are familiar with. The difference lies in the name, which includes 'Old' as a prefix. The drop rates of these mobs are also as they were in Pre-re. Additionally, all mobs in EDDA: Old Pow have a slight chance to drop a random Overseas Care Package (OCP), which contains very valuable items that we've brought to Pow from iRO and jRO. You can find more information on Divine-Pride or in our database.
  • The MVPs in EDDA: Old Pow drop Level 5 Rewards and have a high chance of dropping fixed OCPs. You can checkout the list below.
  • 3 Level 5 Rewards can be traded for 1 random OCP box (OCP 31).
  • Your skill and status preferences are saved automatically and are separate, meaning you can organize your shortcut bar without fear of losing the spaces when you return to your normal version.

Overseas Care Packages

  • I implemented OCPs from 1 to 42. OCPs from 43 to 58 belong to episode 18+ and I plan to implement them when we advance to that episode.
  • I recommend looking up the information on divine-pride to learn about the items you can obtain. There are many valuable items available.

Poison Wings

  • I implemented the Poison Wings. These can be obtained in the map EDDA: Old Prontera Dungeon 2 - 'eddap_dun02', where the Old Stratospider appears. They can be obtained by killing general mobs in the map or hunting the summoned Stratospider (90% drop!).
  • The wings can only be leveled up by hunting Poison element mobs and gain extra experience if the mob is level 120+.