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This page is a translated version of the page Informacion and the translation is 100% complete.
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PowRO - Archangels is a very special Ragnarok Online server coming from the PowRO community that was formed back in 2005.

Essential Information


  • Base EXP Rate: Customizable (up to 25x)
  • Job EXP Rate: Customizable (up to 25x)
  • Quest EXP Rate: Customizable (up to 40x)
  • Item Drop Rate: 5x
  • MVP Drop Rate: 5x
  • MVP Card Drop Rate: 0.01%
  • Sealed MVP Card Drop Rate: 0.03%

Other Information

  • Max Level: 200/70
  • Max ASPD: 193
  • Max Stats: 130 (3rd job)
  • Party Share Limit: 50 Base Levels

Official Server Features

  • Episode: 17.2
  • Third Classes w/ Dorams and Expanded
  • Functional Eclage, El Dicastes, Malangdo & Mora Quests
  • Original Instances

Custom Server Features

  • Custom Instance Modes for every Instance
  • Costume NPC: Any headgear can be made into a Costume headgear.
  • Customized Tool Dealer
  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Official Premium Palettes
  • Custom Vending Map
  • Automated Events
  • Eden Group Quest Boards up to 150
  • Customizable Exp Rates
  • Player Commands: go, time, rates, commands, autoloot, alootid, aloottype, iteminfo, iteminfo2, mobinfo, whereis, whodrops, changegm, hominfo, homtalk, pettalk, dailies, cooldown, battlestats, showbuff, refresh, me, missionreset, duel, listenbg, joinbg, voteskip, irowiki, search


  • Healer
  • Dungeon and Instance Warper
  • Universal Rental Kafra
  • Stat and Skill Resetter
  • Builds Manager
  • Custom Stylist
  • Branch Room
  • Training Zones
  • Card Remover
  • Login Settings
  • Daily Reward System

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